Zammer is a learning game platform that caters for virtually any subject or age group. Our platform delivers an enjoyable personalised education experience that makes learning more effective.

Learners are able to play their way through the given curriculum in the best way for them. They can choose to focus on a specific area or let our system personalise the journey for them. Along the way they may play solo or challenge their friends, discovering who is the best at each area along the way.

We work with publishers to deliver publishers’ content to learners. This can be for any subject and at any level. For Zammer to work well it is important that there is a clear, defined curriculum with questions relating to given learning objectives. Publishers are free to choose the price point for their content, usually following the Apple App Store tier system, or free of charge. Where content is charged for we take a share in the revenue generated after App Store / payment fees.


Examples of publishers we have worked with include:

  • European anti-bullying programme
  • Law degree module revision
  • Financial services training
  • Driving theory test

Email for more information.