Zammer is a learning platform that takes the form of a quiz-style game for learners and has a set of tools for teachers. The game works with virtually any subject and works on a mastery basis so learners can progress at a speed that suits them. Learners are able to challenge each other and earn Zollars as they progress. Parents may also help their children to practice and learn by challenging them within the game.

Teachers can manage their pupils within the system with ease and can see who knows what and to what extent. Scheduled homework allows our content to be integrated into a scheme of work with ease, where Zammer is used as a consolidation and assessment for learning tool that informs on pupils who may be having difficulty with a particular concept. This in turn can advise on required interventions or in planning differentiation. By delegating practice and assessment of subjects such as Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar and Maths to Zammer time is saved during class-time to focus on integrating knowledge, fluent writing and so on.

Our game is available on the web, on iOS and on Android and is free to use. English Schools can access our SPaG and maths packs free of charge.

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Learning game

Play in school, for homework or on the move. Play to revise, to learn or just for fun! Zammer allows you to play your way through your subjects tailoring the game-play and pace of learning to you.


Competitive game play

Play Zammer on the web or on our mobile apps, all together, all at the same time.



Play your way

Play solo, challenge a friend or pick a random opponent. Test your knowledge with “Exam Mode”.


Earn Zollars in-game

To customise your avatar and theme!


Earn Badges

For mastering your subjects!


Schools set the pace

Simple pupil and class setup. Use in class as a consolidation activity, as part of a blended learning scheme, as a homework activity or as part of revision. The flexibility to integrate with your scheme of work and the ability to add specific content to fit your lessons.


Teachers gain insight

Homework reporting, pupil and class attainment monitoring and school benchmarking for teachers allows continuous assessment and identification of required interventions without delay. Understand learning for individual pupils, across subjects and throughout your school.









“Zammer is unique in its ability to consolidate and assess students’ learning in a fun, interactive format.”

Richard Lindo – English teacher & special teacher of education, Stourport High School; a teaching school. Owner of Kija Learning.