What is Zammer?

Zammer is a learning game with a quiz style format where learners can play solo or compete as they practice and learn. Teachers also have access to a set of tools that allow them to track, manage and assess.

How does Zammer compare to apps like Mathletics, Kahoot and Frog?

We are similar to a number of different products; we allow learners to compete with maths like Mathletics and to play games within a class like Kahoot. We are unique in the way we use mastery to personalise the experience learners have, in that we cater for a whole range of subjects and the in-depth information that we expose for teachers to inform their planning.

What platforms is Zammer available on?

Zammer is available on the web, on iOS and on Android.

What subjects are available on Zammer?

Currently Zammer contains some general packs such as Times Tables, some non-school subjects like the Driving Theory Test, and school content for Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (KS2&3), maths (coming soon to KS1-4) and computing (GCSE). We will continue to develop content, initially focusing on STEM in the English national curriculum before moving on to other countries and subjects – the USA is probably next.

Can I add my own content to Zammer?

Yes! Teachers can visit “Subjects” within the teacher area and add your own pack. Once you have added a pack you can add topics and sub-topics, learning objectives and then questions in a variety of formats. When we have a large and interesting enough bank of content we will introduce the option to share custom-built packs with other teachers and with independent learners.

What does Zammer cost?

Zammer in itself is and will always be entirely free to use. Some content packs have a purchase price for individual learners but the current schools’ content is 100% free.

How are you going to make money in the future – anything I need to worry about?

First of all, we will never spring any nasty unexpected bills on anyone; once something is free it will stay free.

We have a few plans though: The first is to sell premium direct-to-learner packs, which we have started to do. We are looking to work with publishers to distribute their content through Zammer and will share revenue with them. For schools we plan to introduce a series of optional premium assessment tools and secondary non-core subjects at a monthly fee. We may charge a fee for GCSE level and higher content due to the amount of work involved in authoring those packs but we aren’t there yet. Finally, when we introduce the content store we may give the option for authors to set a price and share revenue similarly to the publisher model.

Is any training available for schools?

Yes. Apart from online content we can offer training in the form of a CPD session or an introductory lesson with a class subject to availability. As we are actively trying to grow our school usage we are offering this at no cost for any school in Worcestershire (where we are based) and at the cost of travel expenses for elsewhere. Email for more information about this.

What if I have a problem with something, how to get I help?

Just drop us a line and we’d be happy to help. We are available on:

Phone: 01299 409095
Twitter: @ZammerApp