My top new discoveries at BETT 2015

The BETT show is always a veritable goldmine of educational wonder-stuff and this year didn’t disappoint. A few new discoveries stuck out to me so I thought I would share them. I should say that I have a very definite bias towards primary education, computing and startups so this probably influences my picks. 1. Plotagon … Continued

How to level-up any lesson with game mechanics

This article was published in the UKEdMag E-Zine March 2014 HERE With the advent of the new national curriculum and its new emphasis on computing there has never been so much focus on technology in the classroom. In particular there has been a huge surge in tools to teach coding. These include a variety of … Continued

Introducing binary with beads and role play

Part of the difficulty with introducing computing into schools, especially at primary level, is that some of the concepts are really quite abstract. There are a large number of great resources out there that connect real-world activities to computational thinking, many of which can be found at CS Unplugged. One of our favourites is a … Continued

Zammer launches at Bett 2014

Revision sucks! Simple fact. I remember studying A-Level biology and joking that there should be an A-Level in biology and a whole separate A-Level for all the bazilions of crazy terms used throughout the subject – Biology Language if you will. I remember revising, or rather I remember trying to revise and generally not getting … Continued

Calling all computer science teachers!

We need you! We have a dream and that dream is for revision to not be so horrible and maybe even be a bit of fun. In our dream people enjoy more so they revise more and because they revise more they learn more. Finally because they learn more they get better exam results and … Continued

Midlands Schools to get Zammer Beta first!

It seems only yesterday we were smiling for the cameras at Facebook HQ in London as winners of their prestigious ‘increasing the impact of technology in education’ hackathon. Our vision was to help every child improve their exam results by one grade and the only change has been that this is no longer a vision … Continued

Why having fun is the best way to learn

If you ever want to see playing and learning happening together you just have to watch a toddler for five minutes. A game of peek-a-boo is tremendous fun but also develops the child’s concept of object permanence. Similarly, when a two year old tries to push a square block through different shaped holes in a … Continued

Zammer accepted on Entrepreneurs for the Future Incubator

Zammer has been accepted on the Entrepreneurs for the Future (E4F) Incubator program from Innovation Birmingham. This gives us a base at Birmingham Science Park’s Innovation Birmingham campus in Aston as well as help and mentoring to help us develop and grow. The business incubation programme is now in its fourth year and to date … Continued