Midlands Schools to get Zammer Beta first!

It seems only yesterday we were smiling for the cameras at Facebook HQ in London as winners of their prestigious ‘increasing the impact of technology in education’ hackathon. Our vision was to help every child improve their exam results by one grade and the only change has been that this is no longer a vision – it’s a mission!

And now we’re ready to invite schools to join us in that mission…

A few weeks ago we completed a prototype and of course we wanted to take it for a test drive. So who better to put behind the wheel than two real children in a real classroom. They were great little testers and broke it, just as good testers should. And we rebuilt it, just as good engineers should. We then let it loose on some other real school children and each time we learned a little more. We added bits, fixed things, chopped bits off, resprayed it and added furry dice (still no air-con though).

While we’ve been doing all this test driving we’ve also been gradually filling up the tank with more fuel – in the form of bang up to date curriculum content supplied by some excellent teachers who we lovingly refer to as Zampions! (Yes you can be one too –

So this means we’re ready for Beta testing. If you know all about Zammer and want to steal a march on other schools then skip straight to the end now and sign up (the others will be at least 30 seconds behind you).

What is Zammer?  It’s a learning revision platform designed to be played with classmates and friends to encourage social connections and competition. We’ve cleverly put all the gubbins in the cloud (to keep it nicely moist) and the front end in both a web application and smart phone app.  This means it can be enjoyed in schools and on the move, or at home, or at the swimming pool (waterproof case required, not supplied). Zammer asks you quick fire questions, rewards correct answers and gives a bonus depending on the speed of answer (that’s actually the best bit). We pride ourselves on it being fun but also cunningly good at making you learn things without realising you are learning. In other words it’s fun, but serious fun.

Oh and on that serious note, if you like what you hear and want to check this out but need something official to tell your Headmaster, then you could try “Zammer encourages users to effectively engage in digital learning via competitive game play.” That normally does the trick. If not, try this lot:

How teachers can use Zammer?

Zammer content is being created by teachers to be specific to a syllabus, exam or text book. The teacher portal allows learners to be grouped, classwork and homework to be set, and progress to be tracked. Zammer tailors learning to the individual so it is an excellent way to extend a blended learning scheme. Also, if teachers want to add their own content they can simply upload questions on to the platform to be added to the Zammer content database.

Alpha Testing

Alpha testing has already taken place in schools in the West Midlands including Holyhead Business and Enterprise Academy, King Edward VI Aston School, Stourport High School and Lydiard Park Academy in Swindon. This first phase of testing has enabled students to influence the development of Zammer. This includes user experience of the game play and game function as well as fit to classroom environment.

Beta Testing

Zammer is currently looking for schools to take part in our free Beta trials.

Get involved in just 3 steps:

  • Create a free account and sign up your school

  • Add classes and pupils to gain access to GCSE English and Computer Science learning packages

  • There is no third step

You can then track progress and set assignments. You gain some cool learning tools for free and we gain your feedback via a simple assessment. You know the huge difference it would make if every one of your learners improved by one grade boundary. So let’s get started.

ZAMMER – Join the mission.