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Fun learning game packed full of challenges to entertain as well as educate

“Zammer is an educational game
platform that delivers personalised
in a simple but effective way

Our Subjects

Driving Theory

Our Science

When you learn something your brain physically changes and this requires energy. If there is little or no perceived biological benefit the brain will conserve energy. We have evolved to do this in case energy is needed for survival. When this happens learning stops and the person experiences boredom.

Games and play give a perceived value for certain actions or results. This might be through competition, rewards or just a sense of success. By interlacing game-mechanics into a learning context engagement and attention are maintained and learning ultimately becomes more effective.

Zammer delivers a quiz-style game that allows learners to compete as well as tracking and rewarding progress. Learners can go as fast or as slow as they need to and our apps allow learning to happen anytime and anywhere.

For Teachers, a set of easy-to-use tools are provided to manage pupils, set homework and assess pupil progress.

Our game is available on the web, on iOS and on Android. We also provide a web-based teacher control-panel.

We are a startup based in the Midlands, UK. We are experienced in both technology and education.

  1. Bewdley Primary School
  2. George Salter Collegiate Academy
  3. Sevenoaks Special School
  4. Stourport High School
  5. Lydiard Park Academy